API Docs

Verify an email

Using this API you can verify one email address in real-time. The verification result will be returned when it is available. Usually, it takes half a second. And time out till 300 seconds.

HTTP Request



emailid (string)trueemail address to validate
apikey (string)trueYour 32-char API key from the dashboard
Speed_rank (int)falseHere you can set the speed of verification. By default it is 0, More the rank less the speed, and more accuracy (default 0, min 1, max 5)

The list of all attributes returned for each email verification.

do_you_mean stringIf there is any typo error on the email address our API will provide you the suggested text from the string
Is_syntax_valid booleanTrue if the syntax is Ok
Is_role booleanIf the email address starts with admin@ or sales@ or contact@ OR INFO@ is_role is flagged as True
Is_disposable booleanThe temporary email address or one-time use email address will be flagged as True
Is_catchall booleanIf the mail server accepts all email addresses, then this will be flagged as True
Is_validbooleanTrue if the verified email address is a valid one
messagestringThe result will be displayed here
Is_unknownbooleanTrue if the address is not able to verify or has an unknown result

Returned JSON result structured like this:

   “gamalogic_emailid_vrfy”: [
    “do_you_mean”: false,
    “emailid”: “bill.gates@microsoft.com”,
    “is_catchall”: false,
    “is_disposable”: false,
    “is_role”: false,
    “is_syntax_valid”: true,
    “is_unknown”: false,
    “is_valid”: false,
    “message”: “Not Valid ID”,
    “resolved_time”: 1.8817

curl "https://gamalogic.com/emailvrf/?emailid=your_email_address&apikey=your_api_key&speed_rank=0"

Make sure to replace your_api_key with your API key.