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Verify a batch of emails

Verify a batch of emails. Up to 100,000 emails can be sent per batch.

Ensure that all parameters are sent in the HTTP request body, not in the query string portion of the URL.

If a URL is specified, the results will be sent to it via HTTP POST upon batch completion. The body will be JSON data.

When a test key is used, a successful batch creation response will be returned along with an example batch id. Additionally, it is possible to simulate certain API responses when using a test key by utilizing the simulated parameter.

HTTP Request




TrueYour 32-char API key from the dashboard
speed_rank (int)FalseHere you can set the speed of verification. By default it is 0, More the rank less the speed, and more accuracy (default 0, min 1, max 5)
data (JSON)TrueYou can Email address list as mentioned below in JSON format

Returns JSON result structured like this:

“batch id”: 100001,
“message”: “Your batch is being processed.”,
“error”: false,
“total count”: 100000,

batch idintegerThis id is used further to download the verified batch and to check the status
errorbooleanTrue, if there is any error
messagestringThe result will be displayed here
total countintegerTotal email address uploaded to verify
curl -X POST -F 'data=test@test.com,test1@test.com'  "https://gamalogic.com/batchemailvrf/?apikey=your_api_key&speed_rank=0"

Make sure to replace your_api_key with your API key.