API Docs

Batch Email finder API

Find the email address from the list first name, last name, and domain. The lists should in JSON format to discover the email address list. Up to 10,000 lists can be sent per batch.

If a URL is specified, the results will be sent to it via HTTP POST upon batch completion. The body will be JSON data. When a list is uploaded to the server, a successful batch creation response will be returned along with a batch id.

Sample Batch Email discovery API request (using the GET method)


Input Parameters

apikey (string)Your 32-char API key from the dashboard¬†
Speed_rank (int)Here you can set the speed of verification. By default it is 0, More the rank less the speed, and more accuracy (default 0, min 1, max 5)
Data (json)You can Email address list as mentioned below in JSON format

data = { 

“first_name”: “samplefirst1”, 
“last_name”: “samplelast1”, 
“domain”: “anydomain1.com” 

“first_name”: “samplefirst2”, 
“last_name”: “samplelast2”, 
“domain”: “anydomain2.com” 

API Result (JSON)

“certified”Real Time Validated
“gamalogic_discovery”A list of valid email addresses found

Sample Response

“certified”: “verified”, 
“error”: false 
“gamalogic_discovery”: [ 
“domain”: gamalogic.com “,
“firstname”: samplefirst1 “,
“lastname”: samplelast1 “,
“email_address”: sample1@anydomain1.com “,
“is_catchall”: false “,
“domain”: gamalogic.com “,
“firstname”: samplefirst2 “,
“lastname”: samplelast2 “,
“email_address”: sample2@anydomain2.com “,
“is_catchall”: false “,
“resolved_time”: 0:00:17 “,

Error Responses

“error”: True,
“error_code”: 102,
“error_message”: “Credits Exhausted please contact support@gamalogic.com”}

List of the error code with a detailed message.

You can contact our technical support for further troubleshooting support@gamalogic.com 

101Unauthorised Access
102Credits Exhausted please contact support@gamalogic.com
103Contact support@gamalogic.com
104No Domain address to search email address
105No Names to search email address
curl https://gamalogic.com/batch-email-discovery/?apikey={apiKey}

Make sure to replace your_api_key with your API key.